Our aim is to make reading a fun and engaging experience for children between the ages of 2-12.

What Is Reading Safari Club?

Reading Safari Club is a reading incentive program that began in Cleveland, Ohio in 1999 to encourage children like you (in lots of fun ways) to develop a love of reading for a life-time! For the entire year of 2021, you will read many books of your choice. You will record what you read on book tags, and turn in for prizes at the meetings. In January 2022, a recognition ceremony will be held where you will be awarded a TROPHY and a BARNES & NOBLE $25 GIFT CARD if you read 100 books!!! Reading at least 40 books guarantees you a trophy.

How Do I Participate?

You can read and list the books you read on the book tags provided in your SAFARI BOOK BAG.
The books you read should be age appropriate and on your reading level. Each book must be read completely to receive credit. After listing the titles of all the books you read onto the book tags, you need a parent or guardian to sign each book tag. At the monthly meetings, usually held on a third Saturday, you can turn your book tags in for prizes.
As the year progresses, you will need more book tags. They are provided during the monthly meetings and are available here and on the Kuriakos table in the foyer.

What Can I Expect at the Safari Meetings?

Our meetings are virtual until it is safe to meet in person. When we meet in­ person, you can expect to participate in reading books, crafts, games, and book-give-a­ways. A library is available for checking out books.
This is also an excellent time to turn in your book tags. Your book tags list all the titles of the books you read before coming to the meetings.
For two hours, you can expect to have a great time with other kids who enjoy reading. And, you can expect to leave the meeting feeling full - a lunch is served to all who attend and their guests! Additionally, we provide community service opportunities for middle school and high school students.