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Ladies' Ministries

Couple Dancing


The purpose of the committee is to recognize married couples in the church by mailing cards out by their anniversary date.



To assist the female convert in preparation for baptism and to make sure garments are properly cleaned and accessable.

Colorful Flowers


To establish beautification guidelines and design standards to enhance the appearance of the building and grounds/facilities.

Flowers Candles Funeral


To show Church members love and concern through serving their family members food at church after the repass of their loved ones.

Birthday Cake


To have a variety of beautiful and scriptural cards on hand to make sure every member receives a Birthday card on their designated birthdate.


Bulletin Board

Maintains lobby bulletin board with appropriate decorations, ladies' announcements, and theme.

Clothes on Outdoor Rack

Clothing Bank

To supply single people and families with adequate clothing to wear at all times

Image by Sincerely Media


Make sure communion is prepared and ready for each Sunday service, clear/clean trays after each serving, and sanitize storage & serving dishes.

Thanksgiving Dinner


Responsible for meal preparation/buffet set up and/or cooking for primary church events.

Business Handshake


Responsible for greeting and registering visitors 

Camera Equipment


Use digital cameras to take pictures of our ladies' events and activities for use in video and scrap booking 

Sink Full of Dishes


Maintain kitchen supplies (cups, paper plates, napkins, paper towels, utensils, etc.). Wash dishtowels, and clean kitchen after church events.

Palm Trees Beach View

Responsible for planning ladies' day program locally and at a retreat location out of town.

Ladies' Day / Retreat 

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Responsible for providing a clean and safe infant/toddler friendly environment  while parents attend Sunday morning worship service.


Notebook and Pen

Record and reading of the minutes during Ladies' meeting.




Decorate and set up for church events; maintain supplies related to decorating; set up and clean up fellowship hall; and serve meals for church events.

Floral Card

Mail cards to encourage the sick, bereaved, or any who are in need of encouragement, participate in community outreach projects, attend planning sessions.


Credit Assessment

Collection and counting of contributions made during Ladies' Bible Class.


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